How are roads prioritized?

The DPW utilizes a computer program called MicroPAVER which was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Every summer, college interns drive the roads of Goffstown and measure and assess their conditions. All the data is entered into the computer. MicroPAVER then calculates the condition of each segment of the roadway and prioritizes the repairs based on condition, traffic load, and available budget. DPW then takes that data and considers other factors such as upcoming sewer or water projects, bridges that need to be replaced, and disruption to traffic. DPW maintains two lists that are approved by the Select Board at DPW's recommendation. One is a long-term Capital Improvements List (CIP) that represents the major reconstruction projects that get spread out over future years. These are very costly projects that are coordinated with other major projects and utilities. The other list is an annual work plan that is reviewed and approved each spring. This list details what will be done each season including all maintenance activities and major work for that year.

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1. Why do we have a road plan?
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3. How are roads prioritized?
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